Our company serves the defense and aerospace industry; ASELSAN and ROKETSAN is a registered sub-contractors. This shows the robustness of our quality assurance. Sub-contractor firms, except that we MKEK of other companies we do business, there are companies like MiKES. Our company is certified with ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management; AS-9100 certification in a very short time by taking the civil aviation industry will also begin to serve.

View Plastic; In November 2013, the main building of the department of plastic injection furthermore, by opening a building, 5-axis machining with CNC machines are also history. Through our 5-axis CNC machine have the capacity to produce high-precision parts. 5-Axis CNC Machine (Hermle) working on material with a metal alloy, such as TAI has an important place in the civil aviation sector where firms use the manufacturing of machining parts, is one of our goals. We have produced in machining products listed on our machine park CMM in accordance with our quality system we're able to include in the measure and confirm.


Our mission, is the fastest expectations of our customers, we produce our products meet high quality and are reliable.

Our vision, is that the preference of the Civil Aviation Industry companies make a firm and well-established aerospace companies in the world is to become sub-contractors.